Gypsy Road

One of the egg designs from Eggs Beautiful that really inspired me was that of “Gypsy Road” and I made several eggs of this design. The gypsy road confuses evil in a perpetual meandering line so that it can’t harm the recipient of the egg.

Unfpysankyshardortunately this shard is all that remains of one of my favorite eggs, a turkey egg done in black and red to symbolize passion.




pysanky01 This gypsy road was done in red and yellow to symbolize the balance of passion and wisdom. Also a turkey egg.




pysanky02 The gypsy road that held up the best over the years was this one, a green and blue to symbolize the earth and sky.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Also known as Pysanky. This craft I picked up in 1998 when a woman at the church I was attending at the time brought her craft with her to a function and taught the basics to us. I was immediately impressed and asked her for further, private lessons. She gave me a few spare tools, some tips, and these two books:


Eggs Beautiful

How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs

ISBN 0-09602502-3-9




Ukrainian Easter Eggs –

And How We Make Them

ISBN 0-9602502-0-4


I spent a lot of time making eggs, practicing and researching designs, giving them away as gifts, and even selling a few.

Four apartments later, the years have not been kind to my collection. At the moment I don’t have the money to afford any of the materials needed to make more of these gorgeous eggs, but I would love to. In the meanwhile, I’ll just share the few that have survived and their stories.